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Blond Care Neutralizing Color Maintenance Hydration Restore Treatment Kit 3 Itens - Detra Hair

Nanotreatment and color revitalization of bleached or white hair with JAROCOL VIOLET 43 that neutralizes the yellowing of bleached and white hair. Instant hydration, restoration of the lipid layer of the wires, Formula rich in KERATIN, VITAMIN B5 and ARGAN OIL that together provides hair with an end to split ends, opacity and dryness.

How to Use:
After washing the hair with the Blond Care Shampoo, remove excess water and apply the mask on the hair and massage for 1 minute, gloving strand by strand, and let it act for 5 to 10 minutes. Rinse well.

01 - Detra Blond Care Shampoo 1Lt
01 - Detra Blond Care Restore 1Lt
01 - Detra Blond Care Mask 500g