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DetraPlex Fiber Protector Complex Coloring Bleaching Treatment 200ml - Detra Hair

DetraPlex works in synergy with an active complex that allows color change, preserving the integrity of the hair fiber. It anticipates the damage of bleaching and coloring chemicals, strengthening the bonds responsible for the strength and resistance of the yarn, which allows for a healthy and much more intense transformation.

How to Use:
Prepare the bleaching mixture with Detra Bleaching Powder, Detra Oxidizing Cream and Detra Plex. Eg: 50g bleaching powder + 100g Oxidizing Cream +10g Detra Plex. Mix everything until you get a creamy and homogeneous consistency.
Don't forget to do the strand test to evaluate the resistance of the wires and the limit of the tone height. Apply the bleach mixture to the hair according to the chosen technique. When reaching the desired tone height, remove the product from the hair with water and wash it with a BlondCare shampoo.

Add DetraPlex to color or toner, apply to hair, and let sit. The pause time will depend on the expected result. Eg: 01 coloring or toning tube + 10g of Detra Plex. Rinse the hair with water and apply a FORCE SHOCK ampoule to treat the strands. Do not rinse. Apply the NUTRI CONTROL Mask to the hair, let it act for 5 minutes and rinse. Finish with Detra's leave-in and dry your hair using a hairdryer.

01- DetraPlex Detra Hair Fiber Protector Complex 200ml