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Meus Cachos Curls Curly Hair Treatment Avocado Home Care Mask 1Kg - Detra Hair

Curly hair needs TREATMENT!!! It is possible to have curls WITHOUT CHEMICALS.

Detra Hair Cosmetics innovates once again, and brings you the MY CURLS LINE. Your defined curls without chemistry. A line that brings everything curly hair needs to have its defined shape. Extraordinary results in the first applications. All necessary treatment for the definition of TOTALLY NATURAL CURLS.


The safest and most effective way to structurally change the hair fiber Detra Meus Cachos Curling Lotion. Highly versatile, it allows curling, waving and defining hair in the most diverse ways, building the most different styles of curls, revealing shine and natural aspect to the wires.

How to Use:
Apply the Curls Mask and let it act for 10 minutes. Rinse well and remove excess water with a towel.

01- Detra Meus Cachos Masks Curls 1Kg