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Natural Lise Hair Straightening Progressive Brush Volume Reducer Kit 2x1L - Detra Hair

Natural Lise is a long-lasting volume reducer with maximum performance for wavy, frizzy and voluminous hair.

Products without rinsing, pollution, salt, chlorine and other factors leave residues on the hair and especially on the scalp. These small particles are difficult to remove in the wash and accumulate over time. They cause a clog that weakens the hair bulbs and can cause hair loss and weakening. And they are an obstacle for hydrating and chemical processes such as coloring and straightening to take effect.

Only a deep cleansing shampoo can effectively remove these residues. This Natural Lise Deep Cleansing Shampoo is an effective shampoo in removing residues and does not sensitize the leather.

With C.ouro and the wires effectively clean, it is much easier to perform the chemical procedure or intensive treatment and the results are perfect.

It is a relaxation or long-lasting volume reducer of maximum performance based on hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed keratin, maximum cosmeticity for wavy, frizzy and voluminous hair. The Lise Natural Anti Volume Treatment is a versatile product and has a cream texture and must be used with the Lise natural deep cleansing shampoo.

How to Use:
With the hair previously clean and prepared, apply a small amount of Anti Volume Natural Lise Treatment strand by strand, spreading well with the help of a brush and gloves, after removing 80% of the moisture with the aid of a hairdryer. Only then proceed to the brush strand by strand, drying the hair completely. After this process, brush and flat iron each strand at least 5 times, wait 5 minutes and rinse.

01 - Detra Deep Cleansing Shampoo Natural Lise 1L - Vitalise
01 - Detra Natural Anti Volume Treatment Lise 1L - Vitalise