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Perfect Smooth Ice Blond Blond Hair Color Maintenance Treatment 1L - Detra Hair

Called the reinvention of straight hair, it has in its formula a combination of organic acids and fruits from the Amazon associated with polymers and nano-spheres of coconut, açaí, cupuaçu and Brazil nut oil, in addition to Hydrolyzed Keratin derived from Shea Butter. .

With exclusive assets, which help in the cuticular sealing of the thread. Another feature is that it contains mattifying pigments, capable of neutralizing yellow tones, restoring beautiful hair color.

14 Benefits:
- Suitable for all hair types;
- Smooth effect for longer;
- Ultra sealing;
- Neutralizes the yellow of blondes;
- Zero frizz;
- Thermal protection;
- Blocks moisture from the air;
- Immediate clearance;
- Nourishes and restores;
- velvety touch;
- Sparkling shine;
- Repairs split ends;
- Faster drying;
- Formaldehyde free.

01- Detra Perfect Smooth Ice Blond 1L