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Plastic Liss Hair Volume Reducer Deep Hair Mask Straightening 1Kg - Detra Hair

Over time, the hair undergoes constant changes and aggressions that cause the aging of the wires, thinking about this, Detra Cosméticos has developed the Capillary Volume Reducer that will solve this problem, its formula is composed of Organic Acids, hydrolyzed Collagen and thus filling the wire failures.

Its intercellular system creates a natural cystine bridge between fiber flaws, completing them and leaving the surface more uniform and resistant. Hair feeling with recovered molecular weight, intense shine, instant hydration and a long-lasting smooth effect.

How to Use:
Wash the hair with Detra Demineralizing Shampoo, dry 100% of the wires, with the aid of a dryer, apply Detra Plastic Liss Hair Volume Reducer throughout the hair extension, let it act for 25 to 35 minutes, remove all the product from the hair, apply collagen spray* and dry by brushing.

01 - Detra Plastic Liss Hair Volume Reducer 1Kg