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Sossega Leão Volume Reducer Hair Straightening Smoothing Treatment 1Kg - Detra Hair

Smooth and lasting effect, by internally nourishing the hair fiber due to its low molecular weight, preventing the treatment from leaving the hair with a forced smooth texture, maintaining the natural smoothness.

Rich in Phytokeratin, which is a complex of proteins and amino acids that repairs all the porosity of the fiber with cationic surfactants that, in addition to acting as a conditioning agent, also works as an anti-static that controls frizz and seals the cuticle, trapping the nutrients necessary for its integrity. of the hair fiber.

• Smooth effect;
• Recovery of hair fiber;
• Alignment of wires and fight against frizz;
• Maximum hydration and nutrition;
• Anti-static and anti-drying;

01 - Detra Sossega Leão Volume Reducer 1Kg