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Hydra Intensify Volume Control Detox Tonic Ampoules 3x15ml - D'vien Cosmetics

1- Hydra Intensify: The single-dose treatment Hydra Intensifique has a super concentrated formulation that provides mega hydration in just 3 minutes.

2- Volume Control: The single-dose Volume Control treatment has a very high concentration of actives, for this reason it controls hair volume and reduces frizz instantly.

3- Detox Capillary Tonic: The Detox Capillary Tonic is indicated for hair restoration treatments and prevention of hair loss, in addition to stimulating the growth of strong and healthy hair.

-01 D'vien Cosmetics Detox Capillary Tonic 15ml
-01 D'vien Cosmetics Hydra Intensify 15ml
-01 D'vien Cosmetics Volume Control 15ml