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Mais Cacheados Curly Hair Curls Low Poo Treatment Kit 3x1L - D'vien Cosmetics


Dvien's Mais Cachos kit is indicated to leave hair shaped and curls with a natural look. Its formula was developed with Low Poo technology, that is, low concentration of sulfates. That's why the Curly line preserves and respects the real need for curly, wavy and frizzy hair. It defines, models and activates the memory of the curls, helping to recover the original curls' shape. The conditioning polymers and vegetable oils and butters in the formula have an anti-drying effect and provide ultra hydration, leaving the hair soft and healthy.

Conditioning polymers, vegetable oils and flaxseed butter.

Tips: When washing, use only your fingertips (not your palms) to massage your scalp. Never rub the ends of the strands, massage only the root.

-01 Shampoo Curls Fortifying Low Poo 1000ml
-01 Curly Mask 1 kg
-01 Curl Shaper Finisher 1000ml