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Mais Cacheados Curly Hair Home Care Curls Treatment 3 Itens - D'vien Cosmetics



Dvien's Mais Cachos line was developed for curly, frizzy, dry and fragile hair. With its exclusive technology, it softens, activating the curls, leaving them more defined, providing shine and high nutrition. With its modern Low Poo shampoo formulation, with the recommendation of washing that does not need to be daily, in order to preserve and respect the real needs of your curls, accompanied by a Softening Mask and a styling finisher that should be used daily, the curly line provides everything your curls need to look gorgeous and shine.

1 Shampoo More Curls Fortifying Low Poo 300ml
1 More Curls Mask 250g
1 More Curls Shaper Finisher 500ml