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Pro Nano Titanium Bambino 5510 Mini Hairstyling Dryer Bivolt - Babyliss


The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Bambino 5510 Mini Dryer is the perfect combination of modernity, speed, design and practicality. It features Nano Titanium technology that emits natural ions and helps to close the hair cuticle to create smooth and shiny results, in addition to being an exceptional heat conductor that maintains stability at ultra-high temperatures.

The Babyliss Pro Bambino Dryer is perfect for taking on trips, weighing just 108 grams, has Bivolt voltage, fits perfectly in your hands and has two speeds generating a power of 900 / 1200W of power. It has a centralizing nozzle and diffuser, in addition to the removable filter that facilitates its cleaning.

Product Feature:
- Compact Design;
- 900 / 1200W power;
- 2 speed levels,
- Comes with 1 diffuser and 1 centralizing nozzle;
- Removable filter.

Technical specifications:
- Voltage: Bivolt;
- Black color;
- Height: 20 cm;
- Weight: 108 grams;
- Cable: 1.83 meters.

-01 MiraCurl Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Bambino 5510 Mini Dryer Bivolt