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Pro Nano Titanium Italia Brava Ferrari Dryer 2000W 220V - Babyliss


The Italia Brava Dryer has a V12 Ferrari engine designed with a powerful 2000 watt engine designed and manufactured in Italy. The Nano Titanium Grill provides superior heat for extra quick drying. With an ionic generator the dryer eliminates frizz and maximizes your hair shine. Six speed / heat settings and two Concentrator nozzles allow you to customize the heat and speed of the hot air with precise direction.

- Ferrari designed V12 engine;
- Variable in the form of nozzles in graduated widths, direct air flow to any hair area;
- Two Concentrator Nozzles;
- Allows you to customize the exact speed and temperature of your hair needs;
- 6 heat / speed controls;
- Powerful 2000 watts;
- Eliminates frizz and maximizes your hair shine;
- Provide superior heat for extra quick and efficient drying;
- Nano Titanium infused Grill;
- Ionic Generator;
- Intense air pressure
- The real cold air feature;
- Ionic generator;
- Weight: 750 grams;
- Socket: 110V (16A) and 220V (10A);
- Made in Italy.

Technical specifications
- Turbo shot button
- Titanium Nano Technology
- 6 heat / speed controls
- 2 accessory nozzles in varying shape
- Long power cable

-01 MiraCurl Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Italia Brava Turbo Ferrari Dryer 2000W 220V 127V