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Pro Portofino Titanium 6600 Golden Dryer 110V 127V 2000W - Babyliss


The BaByliss Pro Portofino Golden professional hairdryer guarantees high quality and maximum performance, to meet the needs of the best professionals.

The BaByliss Pro Golden Dryer is an exceptional heat conductor, which maintains stability at ultra-high temperatures. Emits negative ions that eliminate frizz and close the hair cuticle providing much more shine. It allows maximum heat yield, penetrating the hair and making drying faster, with less damage.

It features the powerful Italian AC motor with long durability with 6 levels of temperatures and speeds, in addition to the integration of Ionic and Nano Titanium technologies. The effects of the Ions combined with Nano Titanium technology and make hair softer, frizz-free and much brighter. The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino Golden Dryer offers the best performance, combining strong air pressure with high temperature for excellent results much faster, and much more precision: with 2 ultra-fine nozzles that adapt perfectly to the shape of the brush.

- Central negative ion generator;
- 6 speed and temperature levels;
- Ionic and Nano Titanium technology: softer shiny hair;
- Italian AC Motor: greater performance, resistance and durability;
- Cold air jet button;
- 2 air concentrating nozzles (60mm) and (70mm);
- Light and ergonomic: guarantee of practicality and comfort in handling;
- Removable steel rear filter;
- 2.75m power cable;
- Suspension ring.

- Model: Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino 6600 Gold;
- Power: 2000 Watts;
- Plug: 110V (16A) and 220V (10A);
- Gold color;
- Origin: Made in Italy;
- Weight 793 grams.

-01 MiraCurl BaByliss Pro Portofino  Nano Titanium 6600 Golden Hair Dryer 110V 127V 2000W