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Professional Pro Ferrari V2 Volare Hair Dryer 110V 127V 2000W - Babyliss


Babyliss Pro and Ferrari, two global industrial leaders with 140 years of engineering excellence, introduced a luxurious, high-performance dryer to the market: Babyliss Pro Volare.

Babyliss Pro V2 Volare is a powerful Professional Dryer made in Italy, specially designed to produce the highest possible air flow, with low vibration and minimum weight. With the exclusive V12 engine designed by Ferrari, turbo power, superior air pressure and 6 heat / speed settings, it guarantees greater resistance and maximum performance to achieve the best results.

The Babyliss Pro V2 Volare Dryer also has Grids infused in Nano Titanium and Ion Generator with three entrances, providing a much faster drying, speeding brushing and making hair shiny and frizz-free. Its design is modern and refined, in medium size and with an ergonomic shape that facilitates the work of the professional, in addition to allowing more comfort in handling.

Babyliss Pro V2 Volare has the most advanced technologies to offer an exceptional and successful experience, meeting the needs of the most demanding professional hair stylists.

- Ergonomic and balanced design;
- High performance;
- Resistance: Long service life;
- V12 engine designed by Ferrari;
- 6 heat and speed settings;
- Turbo Jet button: increases the current air pressure by up to 15%;
- Superior air pressure;
- Technology: Grids infused with Nano Titanium;
- Ion Generator with three inputs;
- Light and with low vibration;
- 2 6.5mm super thin nozzles;
- Removable filter for cleaning;
- Handle with handle for hanging;
- Flexible wire with more than 2.74 meters (anti tangling).

- Black color;
- Voltage: 110V;
- Power: AC 60Hz / 2000W;
- Socket: 110V (16A);
- Weight 750 grams;
- Medium size;
- Made in Italy.

01- MiraCurl Babyliss Pro Ferrari V2 Volare 110V 127V 2000W