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Skala Expert Divino Potao Curly Hair Transition Anti Frizz Moisturising Kit 3 Prod. - Skala

by Skala

Do you know that product you will want to use even if your hair looks wonderful? That's it, after all he is DIVINE!

Divine Treatment was specially formulated for those who are going through the Hair Transition process. Just a Divine product to understand and help you with two textures. This treatment eliminates the Frizz, Moisturizes, gives life to the opaque wires, volume in the right measure and shapes the curls in a smooth way without leaving residues.

And the most DIVINE of all, it can be used as Treatment Cream and Combing Cream, just pass and leave all day. Its formula is free of Sulfates, Parabens, Silicones, Petrol and Mineral Oil.

-01 Divine Curly Conditioner 325ml
-01 Divine Curly Shampoo 325ml
-01 DivinE Curly Treatment Cream 1000ml