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Bronze Therpy Varnish Bath Post Chemistry Hair Treatment Kit 2x500 - JanaFlor

Shampoo Varnish Bath and JanaFlor Mask 500 ml

Janaflor Bronzetherapy Shampoo / Mask - Professional Hydration Varnish Bath

Get ready to feel super soft, silky, hydrated hair with incredible extra shine

A spectacular product for spectacular people who really care about the beauty of their hair.

We put together everything your hair needs to have a healthy and shiny life and we made this Shine Reconstruction kit Varnish Bath, thus extending the daily beauty of the strands leaving you more confident and elegant with super silky, healthy, soft hair , shiny and with resistance against breakage.

* Light cleaning, without damaging the strands, leaving the hair ready for treatment
* Anti Frizz, eliminating stray hairs
* Hair Fiber Reconstruction from the first application
* Break resistance
* Healthy yarn
* Softness
* Thermal protection against heat from shampoos and dryers
* Nutrition
* Extra Brightness
* Untangling Action

Suggested use:
1 - With damp hair, apply Janaflor Bronze Therapy Shampoo gently massaging with your fingertips to form a foam.
2 - Let it act for a few moments and then rinse.
Twice a week (Or when you think it's necessary) perform this procedure with the Janaflor Bronze Therapy Mask
1 - After using the Shampoo, apply the Bronze Therapy Mask along the entire length of the hair
2 - Finish as you wish
3 - No rinsing.

-01 JanaFlor Bronze Therpy Varnish Bath Mask 500ml
-01 JanaFlor Bronze Therpy Varnish Bath Shampoo 500ml