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Deep Hair Mask Therapy Fiber Reconstruction Keratin Acai Anti Frizz Cream 1kg - JanaFlor


Hair Fiber Reconstruction moisturizes controls frizz and leaves hair looking healthy and balanced. Janaflor Smooth Therapy Mass Replenisher Deep Hair Mask with 1 kg of pure treatment for your hair. Jana Flor Deep Hair Mask treats threads that have undergone chemical processes or that are already damaged. Its concentrated formulation acts on the entire length of the hair fiber, making it denser and more resistant. Janaflor Smooth Therapy Mass Replenisher Deep Hair Mask gradually rebuilds and restores the cells that make up the hair.

After using Janaflor Smooth Therapy Deep Hair Mask Mass Replenisher, you will notice a significant improvement in the density and strength of your hair! Keratin Action fills the empty gaps in the capillary structure and gives strength to the Liss Repair hairs, retains the natural hydration inside the fiber, preventing it from becoming dry

Action of açaí extract, which is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, essential sugars and emollient oils, promotes an anti-oxidizing and protective action.

Amino acids: balance the structure of the strands from the aggressions of dryers and board. Increases its suppleness and elasticity leaving hair smoother and extremely easy to comb.

phytonutrients: nourish and protect the hair, helping to regenerate damaged and worn parts.

-01 Deep Hair Mask Janaflor Hair Therapy 1kg