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Intense Moisturizing Gelatin To Podendo Reconstruction Mask 500g - JanaFlor


To Podendo Janaflor Hair Gel provides strong hydration due to the reconstructive action of collagen associated with the formula's moisturizing actives, which together return to the hair all the nutrients lost over time, thus providing a powerful and lasting reconstruction that provides beauty and life to hair.

Capillary Gelatine Intense hydration JanaFlor 500 gr Gelatin To Podendo Janaflor is indicated for all types of hair and especially those that have undergone some type of chemical, such as straightening, coloring and bleaching. Its formula contains collagen and pracaxi oil that provides great protection, strengthening and maximum shine to the hair. To Podendo Janaflor Gelatine provides many benefits to your hair

- Deep Hydration and Maximum Brightness
- Hair Fiber Restructuring
- Collagen Replacement leaving the strands strengthened
- Greater flexibility, preventing breakage

How to use:
To Podendo Janaflor Gelatine With the hair clean and divided into 4 equal parts, apply the Janaflor gelatine, lock by lock, carefully gloving, then let it act for 15 minutes. After the pause time, rinse completely. Finish as you wish.

-01 Intense Hair Moisturizing Gelatin To Podendo JanaFlor 500g