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7 in 1 Reconstruction SOS Cassava Manioc Nourishing Mask 500g - Life Long Hair


Line of therapy that acts directly on the replacement of hair mass, completely restoring the cortex, restoring the hair's protective film, restoring in addition to elasticity, shine and liveliness, sealing the strands. Indicated for opaque hair, weakened, without elasticity and with a high degree of porosity caused by chemical processes. Line capable of providing more than 11 services, complementary items.

MAIN ACTIVES – Anti-dandruff, antiseptic, bacteriostatic, emollient and anti-hair loss. Promotes hair velvety. JUÁ – It has soapy power, reducing surface tension, facilitating the penetration of amino acids.

-01 Life Long Hair Reconstruction 7 in 1 SOS Cassava Mask 500g