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Lifettox Reconstruction Replenisher Smoothing Shine Cream 1Kg - Life Long Hair


Capillary Botox is a revolutionary product. It is suitable for all hair types. The treatment deeply reconstitutes the structure of the strands, replenishes the lost hair mass, restoring the hair's natural shine and balance. It is a powerful hair fiber rebuilder, and fills in wrinkles in the hair. It is suitable for any type of hair, even more for those with compromised structure and that, in some cases, only scissors would solve it. The product is without contraindications, it acts only where the hair most needs repair. In general, the root is thicker than the ends, and capillary Botox makes both the same thickness. Then the technique eliminates split ends, ruffles and hair volume. The visual result is straight, silky hair, full of shine and balance.

-01 Capillary Botox 1Kg