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Organic Advanced Progressive Brush Hair Straightening Kit 2x1L - Life Long Hair


The Organic Life Long Hair Progressive Brush l- 100% Organic, recovers the cuticle returning it to a smooth and flat surface, which guarantees shine without the need to use silicone to mask irregularities. The product is silicone free. Due to the recovery of the cuticle scales, the hair will have more shine, softness and silkiness, leaving it with a great appearance.

Formol Free Organic is a product of the renowned Life Long Hair brand where our company aims to work with the best products in the market to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

The Organic Without formaldehyde 100%, does not dry or leave the hair porous does not yellow and does not fade the hair, its formula has the best moisturizing agents on the market for an unbeatable hydration.

The results occur due to the presence of high molecular weight polysaccharides in the product, a specific component in the function of repairing cracks and fissures that occur due to external agents such as solar radiation, wind, excessive drying of the threads, chemical treatments, among other factors.

-01 Organic Life Long Hair Progressive Brush 1L
-01 Organic Life Long Hair Shampoo 1L