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Quinoa Argan Ojon Varnish Intensive Moisturizing Mask 3.5 KG - Life Long Hair


With Quinoa, Argan and Ojon Oil, another option for healthy hair.

A new technique for those who want beautiful and shiny hair. The treatment is a deep capillary hydration, indicated for all types of hair with or without chemical, with excessive fall or growth difficulty. The intense varnish mask, in addition to moisturizing and giving shine, also recovers dehydrated strands, cauterizes the scalp, reducing dandruff and acts directly on the hair bulb. As it does not have any chemistry, the varnish bath has no contraindication. This hydration does not harm the hair, on the contrary, the longer it works, the better the result.

In the salon, between applying the products, washing, drying and brushing, the procedure takes an average of one and a half hours, depending on the thickness and length of the hair. The varnish bath acts for approximately 15 days on the thread and one month on the hair bulb, giving the client the ease of a homemade brush, balance, softness and shine. It treats the strands intensely, giving shine, suitable for afro, rebellious hair, with frizz leaving the hair loose and silky with intense shine

-01 Quinoa Argan Ojon Varnish Moisturizing Mask 3.5 KG