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Semi Definitive Powered Sealing Straightening Hydration Kit 2x1L - Life Long Hair


With its exclusive Powered Sealing Technology that deeply hydrates and conditions hair from root to tip while leaving it looking healthy and shiny! Its function is to rebuild all the hair's constituent fibers providing silkiness, suppleness and an unmistakable volume reduction in a single application!

Specially developed for hair damaged by previous chemicals, the greater the degree of chemistry in the hair, the better its result after application. Its formula is compatible with any chemical present in the hair (Lights, Colors, Ammonia Thioglycolate, Guanidine) even the plush henê! Aligns and treats the hair, seals the cuticles and rebuilds the hair fiber on the first application. Leaves your hair hydrated and intensely smooth and shiny!

The proteins present in the hair are linked together through hydrogen bonds. These bonds (hydrogen bonds) are responsible for the degree of curling of the hair. The purpose of enhanced sealing is to realign the hair proteins by neutralizing (cancelling) these hydrogen bonds.

In this way, it is compatible with any chemical present in hair, even on henna. The greater the degree of chemical present in the hair, the better the result will be after applying the enhanced LIFE HAIR PROFESSIONAL sealant.

-01 Semi Definitive Step 1 1L
-01 Semi Definitive Step 2 1L