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Eudora Micellar Hydration Kit

by Eudora

The Siàge Micellar Hydration Combo delivers everything you deserve when it comes to loose, soft and silky hair. Siàge Micellar Hydration shampoo and conditioner guarantee incredible salon results for your unique moments of self-care at home.

Siàge Hydration Micellar Shampoo delivers a completely new look to your hair, from the first application.

Its formula contains Biomimetic Assets and Seaweed that give the hair a healthy look while protecting it from daily aggressions. The Micellar line has an intelligent system that detects the level of dryness of the threads and restores them in the right measure.

The Siàge Micellar Hydration Conditioner seals the hair cuticles, retaining natural moisture, maintaining hydration and allowing an incredible balance for your hair. All of this, with the help of micellar technology that doesn't let the wires get heavy.

No Eudora product is tested on animals, that is, this item has the Cruelty Free seal.

How to Use:
Shampoo: with damp hair, apply the product and massage until obtaining a homogeneous foam. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Conditioner: remove excess water from the hair, spread the product over the length and ends, leaving it to act for 1 minute. Rinse.

-01 Shampoo 250ml
-01 Conditioner 200ml