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Eudora Instance Acai Bamboo Combing Cream 200ml / 6.7 fl oz

by Eudora

The Instance Açaí and Bamboo Combing Cream delivers the finish your strands deserve. Ideal for hair with difficult growth due to breakage, this combing cream is specially formulated for those who love natural ingredients that help in the growth and strengthening of the hair, preventing breakage.

With a 100% vegan formula, free of parabens and petrolatum, it forms a protective film on the hair, reducing split ends, controlling frizz and providing immediate shine.

Continuous use of the Instance Açaí and Bamboo line delivers healthier hair and natural hair growth, ensuring strength from root to tip. Check out the benefits:

Healthy growth;
Strengthening of the hair fiber;
Instant shine;
Vegan formula;
Reduces double ends;
Anti-frizz action;
Breakage reduction;
Protection from root to tip.

The line has Açaí and Bamboo extract to deliver stronger and longer hair, with an irresistible fragrance for your moment of self-care, in your time.

No Eudora product is tested on animals, that is, this item has the Cruelty Free seal.

How to Use:
Apply a small amount of styling cream to damp hair, from length to ends. Style your hair as usual, do not rinse. For even better results, try the other products in the Instance Fortified Growth Line.

-01 Instance Acai Bamboo Combing Cream 200ml