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Eudora Siàge Micellar Solid Shampoo 90g / 3.17 fl oz

by Eudora

Siàge Micellar Solid Shampoo has an innovative bar format that changes the way you do your hair care routine and yields much more!

The Shampoo in Barra promotes a gentle cleaning of the hair without drying it out. The formula with purifying action forms micelles that capture impurities and remove residues without damaging the hair.

Just check out the benefits that this shampoo offers:
Yields up to 36 washes;
It is suitable for all types of hair;
It does not remove chemistry from the wires.

Eudora Siàge united the force of nature with the power of science and created the exclusive Affinité 4D biotechnology. With damage detection intelligence, it treats the wires to the deepest layers and remains even after rinsing.

No Eudora products are tested on animals.

How to Use:
Apply the bar to damp hair, massaging the scalp with your fingertips in circular motions until foam forms. Rinse thoroughly and reapply if necessary.

-01 Eudora Siàge Micellar Solid Shampoo 90g