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Power Fast Blue Dust Free 10 Tones Discoloration Bleaching Powder 500g - Kaedo

by Kaedo

Now with a new look and a powerful formulation, the Power Fast White Bleaching Powder acts much faster on the hair fiber, effectively lightens and preserves the integrity of the strands during bleaching, which is provided by moisturizing assets, being Coco, Macadamia and o Monoi, which guarantee repair, capillary restructuring and anti-aging action. Fast, effective, softly scented, with Dust Free technology, it does not raise particles and disperses easily in oxygenated water, forming a creamy emulsion with excellent performance in the bleaching, reflections and wicks processes, without damaging the wires.

How to use:
Place a measure of the Power Fast White Bleaching Powder in a plastic container (never metallic). Slowly add one and a half to two measures of creamy hydrogen peroxide, mixing with the aid of a plastic brush until you get the consistency suitable for the bleaching technique that will be developed. Apply the product with the brush. Leave to act for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the condition of the wires and the type of whitening desired. Tint if necessary. Rinse well. For best results, wash with Defense Color Shampoo. For better neutralization of the yellowish color, wash your hair with the Nano Blonde Shampoo and apply PH Balance to equalize the porosity, neutralize the yellowish tone and stabilize the pH.

-01 Kaedo Power Fast Blue Dust Free Bleaching Powder 500g