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Sfera Spray Cicatriliss Thermal Protection Hair Activator Finisher 110ml - Nazca


Sfera Spray Cicatriliss is a powerful finisher, made for you who are looking for maximum hair alignment and the perfect smooth finish so no one can make any defects. It protects the strands against moisture, which prolongs the smooth effect and against the dreaded frizz. In addition to forming a protective film that protects the hair evenly from the heat of the dryer and flat iron.

How to use:
Shake well before using. Apply the product evenly to all clean, damp hair at a distance of 15 cm. Do not rinse. Then, start the brushing process with the dryer, and if desired, finish your hairstyle with a flat iron to enhance the smooth effect.

-01 Nazca Sfera Spray Cicatriliss Thermal Protection Finisher 110ml