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Volume Reducer Indiana Progressive Brush Hair Straightening 3 Itens - QueenCare

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Does not contain formaldehyde, organic amino acid base,

The Indiana Queen Care Volume Reducer Gloss was developed to reduce volume and effectively provide softness to the hair. It promotes a long-lasting smooth effect without harming the hair structure, treating and conditioning the hair.

- capillary realignment;
- Professional use;
-Can be used on chemically treated hair, but always identifying the threads suitable for the procedure.
- Makes up to 15 applications (depending on hair size)

Result: Healthy, hydrated, soft hair with intense shine and frizz-free for much longer.

Balm PH neutralizer that acts by rebalancing the Hydrogen Potential (pH) of the wires and scalp, thus preventing breakage, fall, dryness, bad smell of the wire when wet.

Benefits: Eliminates Bad Smell when Wet (caused by acidic organic progressives, due to the release of sulfur)

- Prevents Breakage (promotes the reconnection of disulfide bridges in the smooth position, preventing breakage and loss of capillary mass)

Replaces Nutrients and Lipids (lost during the corrosive action of chemicals)

- Prolongs the Chemistry Result (by balancing the ph and reconnecting the disulfide bridges in the permanent smooth straight shape)

Therefore, it is clear that the use of Balm neutralizer is essential after chemical processes, especially in straightening and organic progressives without acid formaldehyde.

How to Use:
Step 1: Before performing any procedure, do a strand and allergy test to check the hair's resistance and possible allergies to any substance. Wash the hair with the Anti-Residue Shampoo if it is resistant and the moisturizing shampoo if the hair is fine and if it is dry with porosity, massage well until it forms a foam, rinse thoroughly, if necessary repeat the process. Dry the hair 100% with the dryer, apply lock by lock step 1 Volume Reducer Gloss Indiana Queen Care all over the hair, preserving the scalp, let it act for at least 40 minutes with the help of a Thermal Cap (depending on the degree of resistance of the hair), wait another 20 minutes without the cap, rinse 30% of the product, dry the hair 100% with the aid of a dryer (no need to brush, it's your preference), divide the hair into thin strands and apply flat iron up to 15 times if necessary, as you observe the state of the thread reaching the desired point, from the root to the end of each strand until sealing. Wait for the hair to cool and rinse removing 100% of the product, wash with a moisturizing shampoo and with damp hair then apply step 2 Balm pH Neutralizer Indiana Queen Care

Step 2: After rinsing the hair removing the product, apply step 2 Balm pH Neutralizer Indiana Queen Care from root to tip. Massage and let it act for 10 minutes, rinse again removing the product.

Step 3: Remove excess water, apply the Mascara strand by strand, massage, let it act for 10 minutes and then wash the hair removing the product, use a thermal protector preferably liquid and finish just in the jet of the dryer and model the ends of the hair with the flat iron at a very low temperature.

Incompatible with Henne and discoloration.

Suitable for all hair types (Smooth, Wavy, Curly and Afro)

Retouching time and 3 to 4 months only on the grown part, smooth part you preserve.

Not doing it on blondes especially in platinum tones can cause fading.

-01 Volume Reducer Gloss 
-01 Balm pH Neutralizer
-01 Multifunctional Reconstruction Mask