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Brazilian Thermotech Blond Exoplasty Straightener Smoothing Kit 2x1L - Exo Hair


healthy straightening for blondes is the revolutionary new line from Exohair. With 2-Polymer technology, blonde hair and highlights receive a smoothing that reinforces the hair structure while protecting the hair color. And of course, all in a healthy and formaldehyde-free way!

Thermotech blond shampoo: It is the first step of the thermotech line. It manages to remove any residue from the hair with a toning action, protecting the hair color.

Thermotech exoplasty: It is a straightening suitable for blonde, bleached, colored and highlighted hair, and can also be used on any type of hair, composed of acidic particles and 2-polymer technology to form a double protection network in the cortex and cuticle. capillary, settling deeply in the cortex and facilitating the act of smoothing, reinforcing the structure of the thread from the inside out. Significantly improves yarn quality parameters.

How to Use:
Wash hair with thermotech shampoo up to 2 times, if necessary.
Dry 100% of the hair, divide it into quadrants and apply the thermotech exoplasty strand by strand, half a centimeter from the scalp, from root to tip, and comb to distribute the product on the strands.
Let the product act for 20 to 60 minutes, according to the desired result. After the break, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm or cold water until the product is completely removed.
Dry the hair 100% with the dryer and use the brush to align and dry the hair completely.
Slowly iron the hair in thin sections 12 to 15 times, with the temperature between 190 °C and 230 °C, until hair is perfectly straight and with an intense shine.
Obs.: in very light and porous blonde hair, the number of times the lock will be processed by the flat iron should be smaller.

Flat iron temperature indicated by the manufacturer for bleached and blonde hair:

120 °c - for frizz reduction;
150 °c - reduced frizz and low volume;
180 °c - volume reduction;
190°C to 200°C - up to 100% straight hair. Result according to professional diagnosis.

Resistant hair without discoloration: it can be used up to 230°c according to the diagnosis made by the professional. For white hair, do the same procedure as for blond hair. In colored hair (red or copper) you can change the color.

Do a strand test to assess the health of the threads, the level of tinting and fixation of the pigments.

-01 Thermotech Blond Exoplasty 1L
-01 Thermotech Blond Shampoo 1L