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Brazilian Dona Fifi Cuticle Sealing Straightener Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - Fox

by Fox

The Dona Fifi Progressive Brush Kit line was made with Cocoa Extract and Keratin, promoting hydration, conditioning and recovery, providing softness, intense shine and a 100% smooth effect to the hair.

For all hair types.

Strong hair, highly nourished, smooth effect and intense shine.

How to Use:
Dona Fifi Shampoo:
With wet hair, apply the Dona Fifi Dilator Shampoo, rubbing the hair from the ends to the root. Repeat the application two more times and, the last time, let the product act for 20 minutes, ensuring that the cuticles are completely open. Rinse hair thoroughly and dry with hot air.

Dona Fifi Conditioning Mask:
Do not comb or detangle hair. Divide the hair into four parts (ear-ear, forehead-nape). Start applying the mask on one of the parts using a brush and comb, passing the product strand by strand. After application, remove excess product with a towel and dry with cold air.

Wire Alignment:
Divide the hair again and, in thin sections, align the hair with a comb + iron. Hold the board, position the comb in front and slide to the ends and repeat the process 3 times to align the strand. Continue the process on the entire applied part.

Cuticle Sealing:
Use two high heat planks that are not spaced when in the closed position. After aligning the strands, work in thin strands, flat ironing from root to tip with two flat irons, to keep the strands warm. Repeat the procedure for an average of 15 to 20 times. It is very important to observe the type of hair and analyze the need to iron more often. Repeat the procedure for all the hair. To obtain a perfect result, it is essential that the cuticles are completely sealed.

After the procedure, wait 15 minutes and then rinse.
Apply Shampoo and Conditioner, rinse the hair, comb and dry it with the help of a dryer.

Before application, do a hair analysis, check the health of the thread and perform the strand test before starting the chemical process.

In blond hair, dyed and weakened by previous chemical processes, care should be taken when using the iron, use it at a reduced temperature due to the saturation of the wires.

-01 Fox Dona Fifi Shampoo 1L
-01 Fox Dona Fifi Progressive Mask 1L