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Deep Hair Mask Conditioning Hair Straightening Smoothing Treatment Kit 2x1 - Fox

by Fox

The Ultra-conditioning Botox Line, rich in essential proteins for the internal health of the wires, provides the reduction and complete restoration of damaged hair. In addition to the simultaneous replacement of nutrients, it provides intense treatment power, anti-frizz action and intense shine.

Have silky, shiny and moving hair!

DILATING SHAMPOO: With wet hair, apply the Botox Ultra Conditioning Shampoo, rubbing the hair from the ends to the root.

Repeat the application two more times and, the last time, let the product act for 20 minutes, ensuring that the cuticles are completely open. Rinse your hair and remove excess water with a towel.

APPLICATION OF BOTOX ULTRA CONDITIONING: With damp hair, apply the Botox Ultra Conditioning Mask along the entire length of the strands, lock by lock. Wait between 20 to 40 minutes. Remove excess product, rinsing the wires.

CUTICLE SEALING: Dry the hair with hot air

After drying, use a high heat iron that does not have space when in the closed position. Working in thin strands, iron the strands from root to tip for an average of 10 to 20 times.

NOTE: It is very important to observe the type of hair and analyze the need to iron more often.

To obtain a perfect result, it is essential that the cuticles are completely sealed.

As the wires have already been rinsed previously, there is no need to wash after the complete process.

HAIR TYPES: Applicable to all hair types.

COMPATIBILITY: The Botox Ultra Professional line is compatible with all types of chemicals

RECOMMENDATIONS: Before application, perform a capillary analysis, check the health of the thread and perform a strand test before starting the chemical process.

TIP: In blond hair, dyed and weakened by previous chemical processes, care should be taken to use the iron at reduced temperature due to the saturation of the wires.

IMPORTANT: Remembering that Fox Professional is not responsible for the misuse or misuse of the products. We guarantee the result of the product as long as the step-by-step procedure is followed according to our recommendations and applied by a professional.


-01 BTX Shampoo 1L
-01 BTX Ultra Conditioning 1Kg