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High Impact Liquid Mask Hair Nourishing Oils Blend Shine Treatment 60ml - Fox

by Fox

Ultra-concentrated hydration liquid mask with instant action, emollient and nourishing, leaves hair soft, silky and with intense shine. Made with the synergy of Argan, Macadamia, Ojon, Monoi and Chia Oils, it promotes hydration and deep nutrition, detangling, sealing cuticles and anti-frizz action. Paraben free.

Shake before using. Spray on clean, damp hair, covering strand by strand. Leave for a few minutes and rinse.

TIP: This concentrated foundation may solidify on colder days and places. Heat the bottle with the heat of the dryer or water from the shower or washbasin, which will quickly return to a liquid state and can be used immediately.

HAIR TYPES: Applicable to all hair types.
COMPATIBILITY: High Impact Liquid Mask is compatible with all types of chemicals

-01 High Impact Liquid Mask 60ml