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Professional Bivolt Extreme Curler Automatic Curl Modeler 480F 220V - Lizze

by Lizze
The Lizze modeler is the only one on the market that makes defined curls reducing from 30 to just 5 seconds, as it reaches a temperature of 250ºC (480ºF). For professional use it produces curls quickly and with greater durability.

The Lizze Extreme styler has 5 temperature modulations, which can be reduced for thinner and more fragile hair. The only one that reaches 480 ° F, which models perfectly in just 5 seconds, due to the high heat.

Save 80% of your time with the hottest styler on the market. The best result, the best shine and the most defined bunch in one product.


- Appliance for professional use
- Swiveling power cable
- Temperature indication by LEDs on the side
- Fast Heating
- Hair clip
- Basis to support
- Works with thin and fragile hair, normal to thick and thick hair (according to manual)
- Innovative security system, automatic shutdown after 1 hour.

- Inmetro certificate
- Temperature: 150-250 ° C (300-480 ° F)
- Power: 52w 
- Voltage: 220v
- Dimensions:
- Heating cylinder: 18cm
- Total length: 40cm
- Diameter: 25-30cm
- Gray color
- Cable length: 2.40m
- Warranty: 6 Months

- 01 Lizze Extreme Modeler 220V