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Hair Straightener Extreme Gray 480F / 110V - Lizze

by Lizze

The Extreme Board was developed with the latest technology to provide comfort and results for the professional without harming the health of the wires.
It protects the wires from direct contact with the aluminum plate, making sliding even easier, making the straightening process faster, more precise and uniform ... all without jeopardizing the health of the wires. Titanium provides even greater shine and softness to the hair. Save 70% of your time with the hottest and fastest titanium surfboard on the market, which reaches a temperature of up to 250 C (480 F).

Benefits and Differences of the Lizze Extreme Board:
System of high effectiveness in heating (ultra fast), conduction and temperature reset;
It has a rotating handle ensuring greater comfort and practicality;
Led display and keys for temperature control;
Titanium-coated plates: Protect the wires and make the straightening process faster, more precise and uniform;
Mch: Ceramic resistors that do not lose heat when passing through the hair;

Technical information:
Brand: Lizze
Origin: National
Temperature: 250C (480F)
Gray color
Weight: 460 grams
Tax Classification: 85163200
Certification: Inmetro
Certificate Number: Hous 0125 C / 01: 150122-00

-01 Board 120V 127V
-01 Manual and List of Authorized / Technical Assistances