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Allise Guanidine Relax Straightening Hydration Protection Kit 4 Prod. - Gllendex


The Allise Guanidina Economical Relaxation and Straightening Kit Gllendex with 04 products was specially developed to straighten and relax the hair without damaging it, leaving it healthy, soft, hydrated and with a unique shine. Enriched with exclusive Shield Protect technology, which, through a special silicone, protects the hair fiber during application, preventing damage to the hair and resulting in a perfect straightening or relaxation.

Note: Allise Guanidina is not compatible with the bases below:
* Henê;
* Ammonium thioglycolate or Thioglycolic acid;
* Coloring with Oxidant of 20.30 and 40 volumes.

-01 Gllendex Allise Guanidine Neutralizing Shampoo 60ml
-01 Gllendex Allise Guanidine Capillary Leather Protector 20g
-01 Gllendex Allise Guanidine Relaxation and Smoothing Cream 200g
-01 Gllendex Allise Guanidine Activating Liquid 80ml