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Zero Uno Formol Free Progressive Wire Equalizer Cream Active 120ml - Kostume

by Kostume

Progressive brush without formaldehyde. The exclusive proliss technology acts directly on the cortex. It promotes the leveling of the fibrous filaments, conferring an increase in the resistance of the threads. Covers the cuticular layer, providing moisture retention. The action of heat (dryer and board) memorizes the smooth effect, therefore, the importance of carrying out the step by step.
Result: equalization of capillary relief, maximum reduction, immediate sealing and intense shine.

Free of: parabens, petrolatum and sodium chloride (salt)
Dermatologically tested

How to Use:
Shake before use. After washing with zero cleaning shampoo, dry your hair 100%. With the help of a brush, apply the product over the entire length of dry hair (not the scalp), from root to tip, strand by strand. Align your hair with the help of a fine comb. Wait a break time of 40 minutes with a metallic cap (on fine, delicate and blond hair, 20 minutes break). After this time, align the wires again, lock by lock, and rinse the product thoroughly. Then, make a smooth brush until you notice the shine of the strands. Plan in thin strands 10 to 12 times (reduce the temperature of the plank in case of thin blond hair). Touch test: apply a small amount to the forearm or behind the ear, leaving the indicated action time. Remove the product under running water and wait 24 hours. If during this period the skin shows signs of irritation, itching or burning, the person's sensitivity to the product is verified, so you should not use it.

Wick testing:
For the safety and success in the process, the wick test is essential. Separate a small amount of wick and apply the product with a brush. Leave on for 30 minutes and see if the lock is becoming more malleable. If there is a break or the threads become too elastic, the product should not be applied. Massage the wick and then completely remove the product using running water.

-01 Kostume Zero Uno Progressive Cream Active 120ml