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Capillary Schedule Supreme Reconstruction Anti Hair Break Mask 500g - Portier

by Portier

Each step of the schedule offers a specific solution for the hair.

• HYDRATION is the star of hair with elasticity in day, soft, with balance and, of course, free from dryness. The capillary cortex, the innermost part of the strands, is the main beneficiary of it, since natural water guarantees the flexibility against breakage, malleability and the pleasant sensation of softness that we feel when we touch the hair.

• NUTRITION is responsible for protecting the hair against the daily aggressions that cause dryness, frizz and weakening of the hair fiber.
The purpose of the mask is to replace the lipid layer that the hair already has naturally with the oiliness, formed by fatty acids, which keep the cuticles aligned, closed and prevents the loss of hydration by the cortex.

• RECONSTRUCTION saves wires that have lost mass and are brittle and refined due to chemical processes, such as straightening, coloring and discoloration, frequent use of hairdryer and flat iron, exposure to the sun, etc. With protein replacement, capillary reconstruction restores strength against breakage and makes hair more full-bodied.

STEP 1: Identify the need for your hair.
Before you start making the hair schedule, you need to understand what your hair asks for.
If he gets embarrassed easily, has a lot of goose bumps and no shine, he needs more nutrition steps.
If the case is dryness, lack of movement and roughness to the touch, he needs more hydration sessions. If he has recently suffered aggression, is brittle and has less density, it is time to invest in reconstruction

2nd STEP: Choose the correct products for the capillary schedule.
It is very important to select the assets present in cosmetics to obtain all the effects of the capillary schedule.
The Hydration Mask is essential for hair that needs natural moisture.
The Nutrition Mask is essential to protect the hair from daily aggressions.
The Reconstruction Mask is essential for the return of lost capillary mass and strengthening of the strands against falling and breaking.

SUPREME RECONSTRUCTION MASK PORTIER CAPILLARY SCHEDULE is essential for hair that is extremely dry. Formulated with a blend of oils, apricot extract and biofunctional amino acids, it drastically reduces the possibility of hair breakage and deformation, in addition to making them stronger, more flexible and resistant from root to tip. In addition, it smoothes the surface of the hair cuticle and considerably increases the shine.
The result is reconstructed hair, with restored vitality and a wonderful appearance.

How to Use:
Apply the product with damp hair, strand by strand across the area of ​​the hair, distributing it evenly, massaging it with your hands and sliding it over your fingers. Leave to stand for 10 minutes until you realize that the product has been fully absorbed. Rinse normally.
Tip: Finish with brush and board.

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