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Cachos Definidos Curly Hair Definition Maintenance Treatment Kit 3x250 - Probelle


High performance for curl definition.

For curls without definition.

- Prodew 500
- Keratin
- Maize starch
- D'Pantenol
- Castor oil
- bamboo shoot
- Asian centella

Cleans and opens the hair cuticles to receive the treatment. It was tailor-made for women who want Super Defined curls. It has a gentle formula, which moisturizes while gently cleaning the hair root.
pH 4.5

The conditioner was created specifically to help activate curls, it seals the hair cuticles, providing defined, frizz-free curls.
pH 4.0

The mask has in its formula Asian Centella, which fights hair loss, and acts to strengthen the roots to the ends. And it also has the bamboo shoot, which helps in the reconstruction of weakened hair. And all the assets together, activate the definition of curls.
pH 4.0

-01 Shampoo 250ml
-01 Conditioner 250ml
-01 Mask 250g