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Mega Botoxx 1kg - Probelle

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Final smoothing, in one step, formaldehyde free, fast and very easy. Its sophisticated formula with technology fast Liss has assets acids, amino acids and minerals that performs smoothing hair with high resistance. Suitable for all hair types Mega Botoxx Realignment Thermal Probelle spectacular heat promotes realignment with silk thread effect of long duration. Developed with the highest technology and specially formulated with raw materials of very low molecular weight, promotes overall volume reduction and elimination of frizz through the realignment of thermal zones alpha and beta of the fiber.

Through its high penetration in the cortex, the Mega Botoxx Probelle promotes a protective coating on the wires keeping completely nourished and hydrated without letting the chemical damage the hair strands.

- Outstanding gloss and anti-oxidant power, strengthened hair ultra soft, smooth effect with perfect long-lasting. Straight hair with exceptional shine, sealed and armored fiber with a silky and natural look. 

Heads up:
- It is extremely important to check the condition of the hair and perform the strand test before applying the product. This is a standard procedure which ensures the effectiveness of the treatment.
- Incompatible with thioglycolate - Hair with thioglycolate, botoxx to be applied only after a pause time of 50 days.
- It should not be applied to hair that has been processed with other chemicals for a minimum of 60 days. Therefore, it should not be applied immediately after any hair transformation;
- It is not advisable to apply botoxx soon after coloring the hair, in this case it is important a pause time of at least 1 month. We also do not recommend coloring soon after botox. A pause time of at least 1 month is required.


  • Wash with anti-residue shampoo (pH 7 to 8);
  • After the washing, apply the Botoxx leaving to act from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on fiber strength - the more resistant the longer the exposure time;
  • After the pause time, rinse the hair removing 80% of the product;
  • Then pass leave-in with thermal protection, brush and iron board in thin strands.