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Deep Hair Mask Volume Reduction Mask Hair System Blue 1Kg - 1Ka

by 1Ka

The 1Ka Deep Hair Mask is a thermal matting reconstructor, developed especially for blond hair. It returns the vibrant and bright colors that every blonde deserves to have. Its nuanced formula removes the famous unwanted yellow tones, as it has an unfamiliar effect. Its special formulation also provides 10 benefits in a single product:

1. Anti-frizz,
2. Antioxidant,
3. Improves brightness,
4. Gives elasticity,
5. Fortifies,
6. Provides softness,
7. Reconstructs,
8. Helps in Volume reduction by up to 50%,
9. Restores capillary mass,
10. Offers vitality.
Result: 1Ka Deep Hair Mask provides restoration of blond hair, returning vibrant colors and shining the wires. In addition, it also proposes the total elimination of frizz. 

How to use:
-Wash the hair three times, gently massaging the wires.
-Remove excess water from the hair with a 50% dryer.
-Apply the Thermal Volume Reduction Mask Deep Hair Mask , with damp hair and with the aid of a brush, apply 1 cm away from the root, using a thin combing glove to boost the result. Leave on for 20 minutes.
-Rinse by removing from 50 to 60% of the excess product and then brush the hair and flat iron in fine wicks.

-1 1Ka Deep Hair Mask Volume Reduction Mask Hair System Blue 1Kg