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Salvatore Nano Reconstructor Duo Kit Shampoo + Hair Mask

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Salvatore Nano Rebuilder Shampoo provides effective cleaning and enriched with ingredients that favor the process of restructuring the hair fiber. It has nano complex of trace elements that restore the hair fiber and botanical extracts of bamboo that restore strength, elasticity and softness.
Is the first step in a process of capillary reconstruction, it gently cleanses the hair while restoring the lost amino acids accentuating elasticity, making it strong and shiny hair. Is recommended for daily maintenance of severely damaged hair. A restorative treatment that repairs and strengthens damaged and weakened hair. The hair becomes shiny, soft and easy to comb. Has nano assets that have action bio reconstructive when associated with complex nano trace elements and hydrolysed proteins that ensure the full and complete repair of the hair structure. Has in its formula intelligent ingredients that carry special agents to the neediest areas.

How to use:

1- With wet hair evenly apply the Nano Shampoo Reconstructor massaging gently. Distribute the product from the root to the tips without rubbing the hair fiber. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water completely removing the product. Repeat the process. After washing remove excess water and apply the mask Reconstructive Nano Rebuilder Salvatore.

2 - Finished the cleaning process with the Preparatory Shampoo Nano Rebuilder Salvatore Professional, remove excess water and apply the Nano Rebuilder Professional Mask strand by strand length to the tips. With the help of a medium comb evenly distributed. Let stand for 5 minutes to obtain a result of conditioning, for a result of reconstruction leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water completely removing the product. 


-1 Nano Reconstructor Shampoo  300ml

-1 Nano Reconstructor Professional Mask 250ml