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H2o Blond Home Care Violet Nourishing Hair Treatment Kit 2x250ml - Aegla Pro

Every blonde wants to have strengthened and toned hair, without yellowish and orange tones, only blondes know what they suffer with hair out of the desired tone and with an aged look. Thinking about the daily need to renew and tone blondes, Aegla Pro created a product especially for blondes.

Enriched with coconut extract and special silicone and violet pigments that tone and combat the yellowish and orange tone that we accumulate in the blonde hair, leaving it with an aged appearance. Toning, moisturizing and strengthening the hair.

Apply Blonde Shampoo and spread gently on damp hair. Massage and rinse. Afterwards, apply the 3 in 1 Blonde Mask and spread it gently on damp hair. Massage and rinse.

-01 H2o Blond Shampoo 250ml
-01 H2o Blond Mask 250ml