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Penetrait Inca Oil Treatment Straightening Brazilian Blowout Kit 3x1 - Aegla Pro

The new hair straightening technique brings even greater treatment power to permanent procedures. Penetrait smoothing has Inca Oil as an active ingredient, extracted from a plant in the Peruvian Amazon, which is among the richest and most powerful oils in the world. It has the power to reduce the volume of the wires by up to 90%, in addition to returning hydration, leaving hair lighter and loose, free from dryness. Inca Oil still has the power to regenerate hair, recovering the hair from damage caused by chemical processes. To further enhance the benefits of Inca Oil, it still has the combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9, ensuring an intense reconstruction. Penetrait also has cupuaçu butter, cocoa extract, vitamins D and E, among other important nutrients for hair. The treatment differential is precisely its treatment power, since it opens the cuticles of the threads, penetrates its structure and then performs a sealing. At the end of the procedure, the hair is full-bodied, with more life, totally straight and full of shine and movement. With this you avoid straight and dry tips, which often happen when you make the progressive brush.

1 - Shampoo 1L
1 - Moisturizer 1L