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Carbo System Progressive Brush Carbocysteine Hair Straightening 1L - Alise Hair


Carbocisteine, a product for a progressive brush process, a product with which it is possible to straighten the hair 100% or just reduce the volume as many degrees as you wish (RELAXATION TYPE) excellent for very frizzy and afro curly hair, being able to leave them curly with low volume, disciplined and even with THE FORM OF CURLS TYPE PERMANENT.

The difference of this product is in the quality of its actives used in its development, which treat the hair in such a way that it provides a more natural hair in the case of straight hair and in the case of the option for curly or curly hair, it provides well-formed curls and curls. , disciplined soft and with a different shine than normal.

To better understand and get to know the product, read the entire text until the end and at the end see photos of hair processed with the product!

If you have questions about the product or its application, call (31) 3656-0001 and talk to our technician.

- In a classification of existing hair, in degrees of resistance from 1 to 10, where hair n1 is the smoothest (xuxa type) and n 10 is the curliest or most difficult hair to straighten (pellé type), our Carbocysteine ​​has the power to straighten hair up to grade 6, it can also be used only to reduce the volume. Every 2 to 3 times that the wick is flattened, the volume is reduced by 1 degree (of the loop), in this way it is possible to reduce the volume by as many degrees as you wish, and the product has the power to reduce up to 5 degrees at most.

Examples: Grade 6 hair is applied to the iron 10 to 15 times (depending on the speed of application of the iron), a reduction of 5 degrees is obtained (6-5=1) 100% straight hair.

Grade 7 hair wanting to reduce only 2 degrees. applying the iron 4 to 6 times, a reduction of only two degrees is obtained (7-2=5) hair with low volume, disciplined and curly strands (permanent type).

Grade 10 hair (the curliest there is), applying the board 10 to 15 times (depending on the speed of application of the board), you get a reduction of up to 5 degrees (10-5=5) hair with low volume disciplined and curly (permanent type).

Hair with degrees above 6 that want a 100% straight result will need to relax first and then (after washing the relaxation) apply carbocysteine.

- Performing the process with Carbocysteine ​​is the same as with progressive brushes with formaldehyde or other preservatives. In the case of curly or very curly hair, it is necessary to relax beforehand, preferably with guanidine or sodium hydroxide (guanidine is a milder product and less aggressive the hair). In the case of relaxation with Guanidine or Sodium Hydroxide, it is not necessary to neutralize, after relaxing and rinsing the product, dry the hair and start the application of Carbocysteine.

- Can be applied to any type of hair (except for bleached and streaked blondes, Carbocysteine has a tendency to turn these hairs orange) and is compatible with any type of chemical used
previously and does not cause any kind of damage to health or hair like preservatives.

- Hair no longer breaks, improves growth, leaves it with an unparalleled shine.
- Can be used to straighten the hair or just decrease the volume.

- Can be applied to children over 8 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Important: Do not apply to blonde, bleached or streaked hair, carbocysteine can turn these types of hair orange.

-01 Carbo System Progressive Brush 1L