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Extreme Straight Formaldehyde Free Kit 2x1L - Zap Cosmetics

Zap Extreme Straight Progressive Without Formol gives the wires a molecular reconstruction, because at its base contains a powerful blend of natural oils, which under the activation of the plank heat produces a volume control and a reduction of the so unwanted frizz.

It has no formaldehyde or derivatives, so it does not cause any smoke and ardence in the application. It does not break the hair sulphide bridges and therefore does not require the neutralization nor does it cause a definitive modification of the original genetics of the threads, thus allowing a natural look with a lot of strength, gloss and malleability.

Zap Straight has a wonderful Shampoo that has been specially designed to provide a deep cleaning of the threads, eliminating the accumulated waste that leaves your hair dull and opaque, leaving all the yarn ready to receive the smoothing process.

How to Use:
With damp hair, apply Clarify Straight Zap Shampoo all the way through the wires and massage gently. Rinse and repeat this process leaving the product to act for 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Dry 80% of the yarns and apply wick to the wax without the formalin Zap, let it act for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the type of hair. After the pause time, rinse off excess product. Then brush and plank in fine wicks. Finalize as you wish.


01 Zap Clarify Straight Cleansing Shampoo 1000ml

01 Zap Volume Without Formol Extreme Straight 1000ml