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Dekap Color Removal De Coloration Hair Maintenance Kit 2x60ml - Yamasterol

by Yamá

The DekapColor System Color Remover was specially developed for color corrections, partial or total removal of artificial dyes from oxidative stains (with ammonia). It does not contain bleaching agents for virgin hair, that is, there will be no difference in tones in reaction to hair that does not have artificial coloring. The DekapColor System Color Remover only removes artificial color (coloring) from the hair.

DekapColor System is a unique color removal system that allows you to change color, correct tones and create special effects, quickly, conveniently and safely. Its formula only acts on the artificial dyes present in oxidative dyes, leaving the natural pigmentation of the hair unaltered.

How to use
See explanatory text inside the cartridge. Do the touch test the day before application.

Touch test: Prepare a little of the product as if you were going to use it. Apply a small amount to your forearm or behind your ear. Wash the spot after 30 minutes. Wait 24 hours and if, during this period, irritation, itching or burning appears on the skin, the person's hypersensitivity to the product is proven and, therefore, it should not be used.

-01 Dekap Color Remover 60ml
-01 Dekap Color Activator 60ml