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Gel Ppt Bio Extratus Protective of Skin to Tint 80g - Bio Extratus

Bio Gel PPT Extratus Skin Protector for dye 80g

With aloe vera gel which must be applied to the skin immediately prior to staining. Creates a non-oily film that prevents dye spots on the face, ears and neck, but not the wires form barrier and does not interfere in the coloring of hair. It can be removed easily.


P.P.T. is a aloe gel that facilitates the dyeing process. Forms a non-greasy film on the skin, which prevents the formation of ink spots on the forehead, ears and neck without interfering with the color of the hair. It can be removed easily.

Suggested Use:

Apply P.P.T. forehead, neck and ears; let dry for a minute and start dye. It is easily removed with water without leaving any residues.


Prevents the formation of ink spots, without interfering with the wire color.