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Henné Zilda Em Gel Strong 200g - Zilda

by Zilda
Henné zilda gel - if you are an active woman, who lives running and almost does not have time to take care of your beauty, rest assured, because it was thinking of you that Zilda created the henné zilda gel (now in practical pots of 200g) which is already ready to use in individual doses with the same characteristics of the traditional Henne Zilda powder.

We have 2 different types of Henne Zilda gel for best to suit your hair type, they are:

Normal - for naturally curly hair or treatment maintenance.

Strong - for rebellious hair

Mode of preparation, mode of use and special care, in the pack, printed inside the box or the labels of the pots.

Composition: Henna powder, cupric chloride, copper sulfate, pyrogallol, ammonia chloride, starch and corn dextrin.

Information about Henné

The raw material (pyrogallol) that smoothes the hair is the same as tingers, so if we decrease the tincture power will decrease in relation to smoothing. This is why for us it is impossible within the principle of smoothing with Henné we create a product with another color or even without color.

As tinctures are chemicals, they are therefore incompatible with Henné. To change treatment it is necessary to wait for a space of 3 to 6 months.