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Keraton Bath Shine 100 Gr 1 Unit - Keraton

by Keraton
Keraton platinum brightness bath 100 gr - kert (1 unit)

Keraton is a moisturizing mask with color, toner indicated to be applied after the straightening or permanent process, between one color and another or whenever your hair lose color and brightness.

** To sweat blond hair, always use Keraton with white cream of your preference so you do not lead. The result may be different for each type of hair, so the client can increase / gradually decrease the amount of product until it reaches the desired tone.

Wash your hair as usual and remove excess water with a towel.
Wear gloves to apply the product and spread throughout your hair uniformly and massage gently for 3 minutes.
Wait 30 minutes and rinse well until you eliminate the excess of the product.
We recommend that you have made Mecha and Skin Allergy tests for your safety.
Mecha test:
- Apply some of the product on the forearm or behind the ear. Let the product act for 30 minutes and rinse. Wait 24 hours, if some irritation, itching or ardor on the spot or nearby where you have been applied, do not use the product.
Stools can cause an allergic reaction that in some rare cases can be serious. To help you prevent the risk of allergic reaction, it is indispensable to take the test.